About Me

My name is Nyk. I am the owner, creator, and designer of The Caged Flower. I began making and selling on Etsy over five years ago. What started out as more of hobby, quickly turned into a booming full time business. I am a wife, mother and a small online business owner. I am a one-woman shop. I do all the design, creation, customer service, photography, web/shop upkeep, shipping, and anything else I forgot to mention. I am so fortunate to love what I do, and do what I love. 

I created my shop in hopes of offering those in a D/s relationship a more discreet option for collars that can be worn daily during 'normal' life activities- when a traditional play or house collar just isn't practical. My focus is on creating symbolic and discreet designs that will pass as everyday jewelry.  I live in the midwest where it is fairly conservative, and I personally found it very hard to find something that I was comfortable to wear out in public. Leather collars, hardware, padlocks and large chains tend to attract a lot of wide eyes and gasps of dismay. What to do??  I was familiar with chainmaille, so I started making my own day collars. I have spent years working out designs, sourcing quality materials, and perfecting my craft. For customer reviews and photos, please feel free to visit my shop on Etsy.

Each chainmaille collar that I make starts out as a pile of jump rings. Every ring is then opened, placed within its proper position within an intricate weave, and then carefully closed. This process is tedious and can take many hours. All of the metals that I use are tarnish and corrosion resistant. I work with stainless steel, jewlery grade anodized aluminum and 925 sterling silver.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.